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Default Walking - The right way

One thing I've learned recently through the 6-week body makeover thing I did (I actually went from 176 to 152 when also doing biggest loser at work with monetary prize in sight, got 2nd place) and other reading was that walking cannot be just meandering. Walking must be fast enough to be just a tad breathless. One magazine said you should have a hard time singing while walking if you are doing it at the right pace. So, every day at lunch I walked and sung and got out of breath.

My meals were varied, but its a basic glycemic concept.
2 oz protein 5x/day (every 2 hours) and 1 cup mixed greens with every meal. I added in with lunch and dinner a 1/2 cup of complex carbs (sushi rice, potato (sweet or otherwise), or rice noodles). You never starve and your body becomes acclimated after 3 successful days of sticking with it. If still hungry at "dessert time" or 6th meal, allowed fruit (during weight loss phase). However that was appropriate for my body type. Another co-worker tried it but was a different type of body and ate different items.

Unfortunately I am back and need to lose again. I have kept the same concepts, but am not so good at cutting back on the simple sugars, which is a no-no.

I like that I can check how much of certain nutritious value I am getting. I kept the salad and eat a few handfuls at appropriate times. I kept the protein as well, but am not as good about getting my complex carb.

Goal 150
1st Day on 5/8 - Current 191 lbs
I am starting to try and incorporate exercise back in, but so far its a lot of stretching.
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