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Default Losing with thyroid issue

I am wondering if there is anyone else out there who has a sluggish thyroid and who finds that they have to workout TWICE as much as others just to lose half of what they lose? This has been my problem for decade or so. It seems like it takes my metabolism months longer to start really churning than it does my friends, even when I am exercising more and eating better than they are. Then as soon as I stop exercising, BAM it is all back on within a month or so. Frustrated about the yo-yo-ing I guess. Any suggestions? I mean, I walk/jog and do lunges/squats 3-5 days a week. I only consume about 1400-1500 cals per day and still no weight loss. I am fairly active, running after 5 children. Also, I am only 5 pounds overweight, so not too much left to lose, I have already lost 30 pounds and have plateaued. Or, am I being vein in wanting to lose those last vanity pounds?
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