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Default Sugar labeling of food (US Reg.s)

Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
Sometimes it's listed on the nutrition panel for a food. Usually not, however. So, IMO, it's a nice option to be able to log it, but not essential.
I am not a lawyer, but I have researched the requirements for food labels with regard to this issue. Current food labeling reg.s require an entry for sugar except if the amount is less than one gram. I believe this was enacted more than five years ago.

US Title 21: Food and Drugs, Section 101.9 Nutrition labeling of food, subsection(c)(6):

(ii) “Sugars”: A statement of the number of grams of sugars in a serving, except that label declaration of sugars content is not required for products that contain less than 1 gram of sugars in a serving if no claims are made about sweeteners, sugars, or sugar alcohol content. Except as provided for in paragraph (f) of this section, if a statement of the sugars content is not required and, as a result, not declared, the statement “Not a significant source of sugars” shall be placed at the bottom of the table of nutrient values in the same type size. Sugars shall be defined as the sum of all free mono- and disaccharides (such as glucose, fructose, lactose, and sucrose). Sugars content shall be indented and expressed to the nearest gram, except that if a serving contains less than 1 gram, the statement “Contains less then 1 gram” or “less than 1 gram” may be used as an alternative, and if the serving contains less than 0.5 gram, the content may be expressed as zero.
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