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Iíll be out all day tomorrow, so Iíll log calories. When Iím at home, I know my daily food intake falls within a good range -- barring no big slip-ups. Out of the house, Iíll need to keep track.

Jenn - sorry you had a disappointing day yesterday. But good for you for not turning that into emotional eating and only having coffee this morning.

Donna - glad you got to go to the exhibit and glad you enjoyed it.

Mern - I think any extra bit of exercise is good. When I find myself standing, waiting for the microwave, I try to at least do a side-to-side step. Iíve watched some of the Leslie Sansone walking videos online. I do some of her walking while Iím watching tv. I donít go fast, just whatís comfortable - so a half hour can fly by doing that. Itís not that much calorie wise, but I figure something is better than nothing.

1. 3 meals + 2-3 snacks (no extra snacking) Y, Y,Y,Y, Y
2. 2-3 min. exercise before meal prep, snacks. Y,Y,Y,N (I forgot to do it sometimes), Y
3. An hour extra movement a day: N (35 min), N (40), Y (60), N (40), N (50)
4. No sugar, white flour: Y,Y,Y,Y,Y
5. Small bites and put fork down between bites: mostly
6: Weight same or down: same; maybe down, down,down, same

1. Calories under 1300: 1286, 1269, 702 (too low, I know, it just worked out that way), 1055, 1101, 1056
2. An hour extra movement a day: N , N, Y, Y,Y, Y
3. No sugar, white flour: N (ate 4 potstickers), N (6 pretzels), Y, Y,Y, Y
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.- getting better at stretching snacks and meals out
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