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Jezzie, ooh, yum! I copied the recipe for the baked zucchini with tomato and mozzarella. Thanks!

Carolyn, thanks for your comments on the added exercise and kudos for thinking of that as a possible remedy for a stall. I know what you mean about watching the clock during exercise--makes it seems to go by so slowly. I don't know if I could do two minutes of jumping jacks but if I run out of steam I could finish with any number of exercises from my Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds for Abs DVD. Thanks for the great idea--I don't know how faithful I'll be about it, but I'll try to get more in. I've been off exercise for a while and my legs and back are a little stiff since resuming, so have been doing just one mile of aerobic walking twice a day. But I must say my hip socket pain has lessened since I resumed exercise. I figured (and am pretty sure I'm right) that the hip pain was unintentionally self-inflicted from lack of exercise. Next week I'm going to try to increase my stamina by 5 minutes more every couple days. Thanks for your wishes for fun at the BD party.

Mike, I hope you have a great time in Frisco.
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