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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Carolyn, thanks for your support. I love your goal of 2-3 minutes of exercise before meal prep & snacks. Did you read that somewhere or was it your own idea? Is that just to help keep your metabolism speeded up outside of your regular exercise sessions? Have you noticed more steady weight loss since you started that?
Mern - it was my idea - born out of frustration. I was stuck at a weight for almost 2 weeks, despite eating 900-1200 calories a day and exercising most days. I've only been doing this pre-meal exercise since Monday and have dropped 2 pounds. BUT, it's quite possible I would have done so anyway, even without the 2-minute spurts. When I started my weight loss effort in January, weight came off at a steady 1-2 lbs a week. In March, I started stalling at a weight for a week or two, and then the following week would lose a pound or two.

I'm sure these spurts throughout the day have helped just because of the added calories spent and, as I sit most of the day, it's probably good to get my blood flowing more frequently.

Two minutes of jumping jacks makes for a long 2 min watching the seconds tick down! At the very least, starting meal prep winded reminds me to not nibble as I cook, and sometimes I think I feel less hungry after the exercise.

Have fun at the birthday party on Sunday!
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