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Hope, I missed your birthday. I hope it was a happy one.

Mike's birthday is May 9 and April's is the 23rd. Anyone else have a May birthday or anniversary?

Mike are you in Frisco now? I hope you enjoy the tour on your birthday.

Carolyn, thanks for your support. I love your goal of 2-3 minutes of exercise before meal prep & snacks. Did you read that somewhere or was it your own idea? Is that just to help keep your metabolism speeded up outside of your regular exercise sessions? Have you noticed more steady weight loss since you started that?

I'm on track with everything so far today. Have a catered birthday party dinner to go to Sunday night. I'll try to eat a low carb meal before I go and hope for something there to be low carb that I can count as a small meal/snack. I might sneak a low carb bar into my purse for when the others are eating cake.
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