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Carolynn, I believe in all of this "mango vodoo" lol. It is amazing what food, nutrition and supplements can do.

April, your son is adorable!!! I love the blue tie and handkerchief. His date is a lucky girl!!! As for the "Oreo and chips episode" everyone slips; the wagon is slowing down for ya!! It wasn't too bad a binge, a mini, as you said.

Jezzie, welcome back! Glad your trip was good and it sounds like you're back in the swing!

Mern, yeah, I've gone through periods of emotional eating: I thought I was done with that but it was like I'm baaaaaaaack. I'm so sorry to hear you went through that. I know you have a lot of challenges but I hope things get better for you. Hope and prayers right back atcha. So glad you're here

Yesterday, I woke up crazy anxious about all I had to get done. But I took a hot bath, meditated outside (beautiful out) and the meditation really calmed me. I am still in big pain but I took a short walk and that was really good. If you hate to exercise, just be thankful you can, even if you think you'd never miss it!!! (April you're rocking with that.) I bought some groceries, fruits and veg, as much as I could reasonably carry in. I was gonna ask someone to help me but I carried them carefully and that was my work out. I will get stronger and I will conquer this pain.

I saw a friend who is struggling with terrible depression and tried help. You would never know it from my posts but I am not always Debbie Downer!!!! Then I went to a lecture on nutritional healing, something I really believe in and hope to use, along with other things, to get back to health.

1) stop binge eating - yes ate more than I should have yes
2) eat better for health (no sugar, lower carb) -yes too many carbs yes
3) more fresh fruits and veg - salad, clementines, brussel sprouts (gotta go shop for more stuff) clementines only, need to shop Shopped: blueberries, salad, cucumber
4) more water - 8 glasses, 6, 6
5) streeeeeetch - yes, yes, yes
6) no painkillers; they make it worse: no; yes last night the pain spread and hit that scary bad mode but DH hugged me and I fell asleep in his arms, no pills; yes meaning no pills of any kind not even OTC
7) don't give up: border; border, trying; yes

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