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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
April- your son looks so handsome thanks for the pic. Is he your eldest. Nice walking today as usual. Yes I am figuring out that 15 mins is better than nothing and you might be able to do it twice!
Yes, he is my eldest. He just turned 16. My youngest will be 15 next month. They are both boys and were born 14 months apart. They are the loves of my life. They give me gray hairs but hey...that's just a reason to add getting highlights to my list of salon requirements hehe!

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
April, kudos on your weight loss, and that 10 1/2 miles of walking on the job. Aw, prom. May you have many joyous memories. Your son is indeed a handsome young man.
Thanks Mern! He deserves so much for all that he has put up with in the past year or so (you know about his brother). He is such a good hearted guy. ... Yep got 10-1/2 miles last week, 8-1/4 this week. Nice to see you back into things. Slow & steady know how to do it.

Goals for the week
1. Lots of water M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes,
2. Walk on lunch (8 miles goal) M: 2-1/2miles, T: 2miles in the sprinkling rain!, W: No (but made up for it), Th: 2-1/2 miles, F: day off to work through lunch unless walk on 15 min breaks Total for the week: 8-1/4 miles (if I include Chloe's walk)
3. Supposed to be rainy so if I can't walk on lunch a day workout at night that night and deduct 2 miles from walking goal M: walked on lunch, T: walked on lunch, W: 27 mins cardio, Th: walked on lunch, F: day off for prom & dinner out
4. Take Chloe for one walk before work M: No, T: No,[coor="green"]W: Yes - Done for the week![/color]
5. Planned foods except dinner M: yes except had an extra snack after dinner, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: I am sure Oreos weren't on the plan

Life Goals
1. Stick with the honesty M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes,
2. Keep the house clean for company this weekend M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes,
3. Don't fret about the prom. He will be fine. M: mostly, but I will feel better when his tux arrives, T: Still no tux, W: tux arrived and all fits perfect, Th: Yep, it's all good!

Dinner last night was awesome but then we went to the grocery store and I made the mistake in asking if hubby wanted any cookies. He bought oreos and I ate about 6-7 with a small glass of 1% milk. Not too bad. Then I ate about 3 unmeasured handfulls of buffalo chicken dip flavored potato chips. Salty? Yes! Spicy? Yes! Delicious? Hell yes! Helpful to my plan? Not in the least.

Anyway, I will always be the first to say that being a girl sucks. I was down all week. Then yesterday I started TOTM. Had my mini binge last night and am up 1.6lbs today. I did forget to weigh in before eating my yogurt & banana this morning so that may be a small portion of it. But oh well. What I know is that I can see the difference in the mirror again in that my body is getting smaller. Hubby sees it too. So to hell with the scale. And for me, honestly, 1.6lbs for TOTM is nothing. I can easily do 6-7lbs in one day for that occassion! LMAO

May not be back the rest of today. Not because I will be doing things that I shouldn't. Just because I will be super busy at work until 4. Then off to get the corsage and help the boy finish getting ready. Down to take pics and take the kids to the prom. Then off to dinner with my hubby. Busy busy and on the last fiscal day of the month in the credit department at work. So off I go. Have a great day everyone!!
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