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Hope - I'm hopeful that the healer/nutritionist will suggest something that will bring you some relief. Just keep trying things and hopefully something will click with your body. When my brother was dealing with cancer, he was very nauseous and was on medication and medical marijuana for the nausea - and they didn't help much. When my son and his wife came back from the Philippines, they brought back a bag of dried mangos for everyone. The dried mango greatly helped the nausea and he stopped the medication & marijuana. If he stopped the mango, he'd feel nauseous again. At his next doctor's appointment, the doctor asked about his nausea. My brother said it was gone as long as he was eating dried mango. My brother said the doctor got a real strange look on his face and asked if he was joking. It was pretty random that my brother tried mango in the first place, and I'm sure dried mango isn't a nausea cure for most people, but it worked for his body in his particular circumstances.

April - your son looks so handsome in his tux. Good for you for getting your exercise in last night.

Donna - yes, do report back on the lecture. ***... I've always shopped using the maxim: "If the packaging of a food tells you that it is healthy, then it probably isnít."*** That sounds like a good rule.

Mern, youíre off to a good start. Keep it green!

1. 3 meals + 2-3 snacks (no extra snacking) Y, Y,Y
2. 2-3 min. exercise before meal prep, snacks. Y,Y,Y
3. An hour extra movement a day: N (35 min), N (40), Y (60)
4. No sugar, white flour: Y,Y,Y
5. Small bites and put fork down between bites: mostly
6: Weight same or down: same; maybe down, down!
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