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Mern is always welcome here!! And so am I. More later. A little overwhelmed now.

1) stop binge eating - yes ate more than I should have
2) eat better for health (no sugar, lower carb) -yes too many carbs
3) more fresh fruits and veg - salad, clementines, brussel sprouts (gotta go shop for more stuff) clementines only, need to shop
4) more water - 8 glasses, 6
5) streeeeeetch - yes, yes

1) no painkillers; they make it worse: no, yes last night the pain spread and hit that scary bad mode but DH hugged me and I fell asleep in his arms, no pills
2) don't give up: border, border, trying

I am speaking with a healer/nutritionist. I am trying to work with a writing partner to get that side of life going. I am trying but it is hard, no lie. I am no hero, more like queen of the wusses. But three weeks of nearly nonstop physical pain and accompanying anxiety/depression have really got to me. My bad food choices make it worse and I MUST move my body, even a little. So fruits and veg and short walk today!!!

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