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Default Wed. Report

  • Workout > 150 min/wk: 55, 20, 60
  • Calories Avg. < 1400 /day: 1195, 1198, 1290
  • Cholesterol < 200mg: 60, 20, 123
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: 1, 0, 5
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 54, 31, 58
  • Do something I've never done before: (tonight)
Dinner was leftover veggie lasagna & a small salad.

Hi Mern: we miss your menus!

April: Maybe walks in the rain are good for anxiety?!

Carolyn: Congratulations on the 24 lb loss! And I don't mind you asking at all. I'm going to an art/architecture presentation of a type I've never been to. I know that's vague, but maybe I'll report more tomorrow.

Jenn: I've often thought about getting a Wii, but never took the plunge. Maybe that should be the 'something I've never done.' I recall seeing ads for the balance board, which looks like something I'd enjoy.

Robin: Thanks for the "Healthy" Food Links. Call me a skeptic, but I've always shopped using the maxim: "If the packaging of a food tells you that it is healthy, then it probably isn’t."

Epix: I know I'm late, but have a safe trip!

- Donna
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