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Mern! Good to see you. As I was logging in, I was wondering where you and Jezzie were, and here you are! ***I'm sticking to my goals that served me well in the past. I know what to do and how to do it--I just have to DO it.*** That statement is so, so true for all of us. Good for you for jumping back in.

April, even though it was a very light rain, a lot of people would have used it as an excuse to stop. You didnít. Bravo! Glad the tux arrived - hope it fits. I wonder how the girlís parents are doing.

Robin, from what I know of you, I doubt youíll slack off for the rest of the week.

Donna - if you donít mind sharing, what are you doing tomorrow that youíve never done before?

Hope - everythingís looking good so far this week. I hope you're feeling better this week.

Iíve been extra busy with work so havenít been getting my usual exercise in.

1. 3 meals + 2-3 snacks (no extra snacking) Y, Y
2. 2-3 min. exercise before meal prep, snacks. Y,Y
3. An hour extra movement a day: N (35 min), N (40)
4. No sugar, white flour: Y,Y
5. Small bites and put fork down between bites: mostly
6: Weight same or down: same; maybe down 1/2 lb, but not counting it yet - I don't trust my scale!
Age 61, Height 5'9"
March 2010 145 lbs, Jan 2013 173 lbs
1st Goal 145 lbs 5/25
New goal 140
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