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Woot woot, you're starting the week strong, Hope! Look at all that blue for yesterday!

Carolynn, I really like how you're putting it all in perspective. I know sometimes I get so laser-focused on the weight loss aspect of this all, I forget there's a bigger picture.

I'll chime in here with the word-of-the-day regarding your walking, April: determination!

Robin, funny you should mention 2 breakfasts -- I had the exact same thing happen one day last week. I totally forgot that I'd had breakfast until I went to log breakfast (after having eaten it) and saw I'd already logged a breakfast. Whoops! Perhaps we're part-hobbit? They have second-breakfast, don't they?

Thanks for sharing that link. Holy cow! Of the 11 items listed, our family definitely has 3 (energy bars, whole wheat, cereal) and maybe 4 (I'm not sure if Smart Balance butter is 100% butter). The good news is I think we have relatively healthy versions of all those and, in any event, we eat them in moderation. I'll definitely be looking more into it when I get home.

As for all your working out, you're fierce!!! I'm glad to hear your back is feeling better.

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Thanks for all the good wishes about the trip, folks! Much appreciated! I'll be leaving this afternoon, so I probably won't have the opportunity to post any more until I get back. I'll be relying mostly on my phone and trying to post anything from a phone is just too painful . Doesn't mean I won't be lurking, though, so y'all be good! I'll be watching!
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