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Goals for the week
1. Lots of water M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. Walk on lunch (8 miles goal) M: 2-1/2miles, T: 2miles in the sprinkling rain!,
3. Supposed to be rainy so if I can't walk on lunch a day workout at night that night and deduct 2 miles from walking goal M: walked on lunch, T: walked on lunch,
4. Take Chloe for one walk before work M: No, T: No,[coor="green"]W: Yes - Done for the week![/color]
5. Planned foods except dinner M: yes except had an extra snack after dinner, T: Yes,

Life Goals
1. Stick with the honesty M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. Keep the house clean for company this weekend M: Yes, T: Yes,
3. Don't fret about the prom. He will be fine. M: mostly, but I will feel better when his tux arrives, T: Still no tux

Yesterday was great. Got my walking done. Ate really well all day even including dinner and snack time. Gave in about 9:20 and called it quits for the day and went to sleep. I always give my hubby a nice back rub before bed (yes...I do mean a back rub people!) so when he was ready to sleep and for me to actually lay where I belong in bed instead of across the foot of the bed LOL I woke up for about a half hour then back to bed. That extra hour or so of sleep that I got was heaven. So...this morning I took Chloe for her walk. We were out for exactly 30 minutes somehow. I just mapped it and it was about 1-1/4 miles. Can't get it exactly because one of our roads isn't on the mapmyrun site.

Hope...Do you really have to ask if you are welcome? You know better than that girl. Where would we be without you? ... You give me more credit than I deserve. The rain that almost made me stop walking was just a little more than a sprinkle but I was concerned about my hair HAHA! It wasn't heavy rain by any means. LOL - FB stalking. Moms wrote the book on that!

Robin...That's a lot of activity for one day. I bet you are feeling that today! Good for you. Don't let that give you reason to slack the rest of the week. Just keep doing stuff and you will be further ahead in your goals when something does come up and you can't get to the exercise.

Epixi...Hope your travelling goes well for you. I like that you made goals specific to that time instead of throwing it all out the window.
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