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Wow, good for you! I wish I could be more disciplined about working out more but somehow it's just an ocasional run and some Callanetics at home here and there. Not enough!

I also find that recording every single thing is in itself a real help.
I just recently realized that it's kind of like money - if I overspend (overeat) then I have debt (fat) that I'll have to pay off (work off) by adjusting my budget (caloric intake) or increasing my income (exercising more). Since I am the kind of person who never spends more than I earn and have no problem living within my means (and my means are pretty meager!), thinking of it this was is helpful for me - I don't want debt (fat!)

All that was addressed to no one in particular, just sharing my latest revelation!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't forget to check in!

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