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Goals, Monday and Tuesday
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes
  • At least 2500ml water per day: 2500
  • Maintain 7-day calorie rolling average under 1550: 1546
  • Maintain 7-day sodium rolling average under 1400mg: 1188
  • Maintain 7-day fiber rolling average of 15g: 14
  • No red entries on this section: Monday
  • Study every day: yes

Goals, Wednesday thru Sunday
  • Use self-discipline, don't go hog-wild (10=superdisciplined, 1=hog-wild -- be honest):
  • Make note of food (Fitday log to be completed upon return home):
  • At least 1000ml water per day:
  • No red entries on this section:
  • Study every day:

That darn fiber. I was only able to shove 14g in yesterday and that was with cheating (fiber tabs). By the end of the day, I was left with a hard choice: if I ate a little more, I'd get the 15g of fiber but I'd ruin the 7-day calorie average. I chose to keep the calories low and take the red entry for fiber . I don't want to try the psy husk until I return home. If it doesn't agree with me for some reason, I don't want to be on the road. So, until then, I suppose fiber and I will just have to continue to battle.
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  • Target BMI: under 25 (apx 15 to go)
  • Desired BMI range: 22-23 (apx 25-30 to go)
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