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Default Stats! Woo!

Allergies last week and a sick kid this week have been keeping me from thinking much about weighing and measuring.... but here we are.

Since January 18th, when I started with this, I've lost 11.5 pounds.

I think I could have dropped more, if I had been more careful about what I ate. But the experiment was: not to diet, just make exercise a priority and stop with the daily cocktails and see what happened.

There's more!

I take measurements in 8 spots and shrank in each of them.
3 off my waist (I measure at the belly button)
1.5 off hips
2.5 off my abdomen (about 2 inches below my belly button
1.25 off my upper arms (combined)
4 off my thighs (2 off each)
.5 off my calves (combined)
2 off bust
1.25 off chest (at bra band)

16 inches smaller, total. Wow. It's nice to have my clothes fitting better and being comfortable in my jeans and skirts. I don't hate looking at myself in the mirror naked anymore, either. I'm checkin' the progress, don'tcha know.

I successfully kicked the cigs. I still want one when I'm stressing out, but they're disgusting, so.... I take the dog for a walk instead. She doesn't mind!

So... I'm excited at how things are going. I feel great. I have around 25 pounds to lose still, but I really don't think it will be that hard. Just keep doing what I'm doing and start eating smarter!
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