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It doesn't remember the password for me in any browser. I've tried 3 so far - IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Also, it kicks you out after a few minutes of inactivity as if it's some banking site. I like the idea of the site and the way it's organized (better than sparkpeople I also took a look at), but it's extremely buggy and annoying, and I think I'll run out of patience soon...

I was actually searching to see if other people have similar experiences because the site seems to have a problem with my version of IE (8) and tries to switch to compatibility mode. The other 2 browsers are up to date, though... Firefox updates all the time and I just downloaded Chrome. It's not any browser-specific issue like the developers often like to ask and attempt to attribute their issues to.

There are also all kinds of errors occurring often for no reason whatsoever. For instance, this morning I couldn't add custom food called "creamer." Nothing different than any other custom food. Just out of curiosity I changed its name. It went through, believe it or not! As if "creamer" is some word reserved for code and/or HTML! Makes no sense!
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