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1) plan food (except maybe Friday) - yes, yes, yes, yes no yes
2) stick to plan (except maybe Friday) -yes meh but I stayed at 1260 or so, lost weight at first and then gained half a pound back. I need to not get too crazy about this stuff or I will wind up weighing myself on the mantle no, no, no, no
3) 6 glasses of water -6 4 IDK for all 3 at least
4) lower sugar (except maybe Friday unless I find a sf dessert)-yes ish but not low carb no, no, no yes
5) stretch -yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
6) move, even small amount -yes meh back bad walk, PT, walkno
7) practice Spanish -si no si, si, ? si
8) meditate - yes no yes, no, no, no
9) don't give up -yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes


One egg, one egg white
nitrite free bacon
2 nitrite free turkey hot dogs
slice of local rye bread
shrimp scallops
salad or veg
almond butter and apple
turkey and cheese roll ups, or 2 cheese sticks, or carrots and hummus

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