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Epixi, my birthday was truly fabulous, thanks for asking!!! Metamucil is pysillum but the natural stuff I think is better.

Natural foods can add up to a high calorie lunch that's for sure.

Robin, you are right. I think I know why I am eating; it's a combo of things and I am trying to overcome it. Hard habit to break but I just have to keep reminding myself how lousy I feel afterwards - physically. I like eating less. But it's easy to get into a pattern of overindulgence.

Birthday cheescake -coool!! Tiered wedding cheesecake, holy cow, my hat's off to you. I happen to make a fabulous cheeseecake but I can even imagine how hard it would be to do a tiered cake. Really great idea tho.And obviously it came out great if the caterer wanted the recipe!
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