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I think the key is to just get out there and do it. The training guide looks good, but if you can't run a half mile at first, don't beat yourself up. Or if it takes you longer to reach the 1.75 it's ok. The big ticket item is to keep doing it. When I started, I could hardly run at all...not even a tenth of a mile two years ago. Started seriously running a little over a year ago and I average about 4 miles per run didn't happen overnight though. I just kept at it.

Find your pace. Find what feels good. And just getting out there, you'll find yourself improving without realizing it.
I agree with Nik, too. While I'm guilty, myself, of the occasional overindulgence in beers, they are terrible for weight loss. I lovingly refer to them as "a sandwich in a can." Try clear liquors if you're into the social scene. But do watch the soda intake with them. If I drink a cocktail, I try to use diet tonic water or seltzer and maybe some lemon or lime. Sodas will kill weight loss goals too.
It's tough on a college campus, I know. I went back to school in my 30s and even though I had better access to healthy foods, it was still difficult with the long hours and if I forgot to bring my lunch/dinner.

Good luck!!!
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