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Hope, the question is then WHY are you binging? Emotional eating? Hunger? A craving? Angry at the world? Not that I want or need to know I just think that it needs to be examined so that you can come up with a strategy. There are so many theories about binging but I believe strongly that everyone is different.

Yes, Epixi, TKD is Tae Kwon Do. I have been teaching it for 9 years and this is my last year, I am done in June. I never planned to teach it and I am not particularly talented but our teacher abandoned us 9 years ago so I have been teaching it ever since. I am not alone. There's another lady that teaches with me and her son is our technical expert. We have produced very good students, a lot of girls. They do well at regional competitions. I think it's because we are good teachers. The reason I am retiring is the time that it takes away from other things that I want to do. I have given up a lot of conferences etc (work) for TKD. Next weekend will be my last also taking care of registration for a tournament that is a fundraiser for Easter Seals. Again I have missed out on things in order to do this year after year. So this is the last year of tournament competition for our school.

I think the physillium works very well. It's a natural fiber so I feel good about using it.

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