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Default Emotional eating

Good Saturday
Eating along with crying being glued to TV during the Marathon race/bombing I became so upset that once again food became my it had years ago
yet I thought I had it under control......guess not ?
Living 50 miles south of Boston our tv stations kept showing every detail 24/7 such a sad day and week - then funerals and MIT memorial it still bothers me just thinking about it.
No excuse that I went up to 165 so now back on track today 163.8
Plan to make veggie chile soup and weigh in on Friday
Thanks for everyone on this forum - I don't write much but love reading all the great ideas etc
Healthy eating
Mari Plymouth MA
Prayers for all those still in hospitals here and recovering in re-hab
God Bless
APRIL 2013
Back to finish the job
My Goal wt. 156 (My doctors goal wt. 148)
2007 wt. 199.4
2009 wt. 182
2011 wt. 177.6
4/7/2013 wt. 164
Thank you all !! See you at Friday weigh in
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