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Default It's about living it

I like the way the initial question is framed. Paleo is a lifestyle, not just a diet. It encompasses a broaght set of values and practices which bring you more in touch with yourself and the planet. It's about working out what's right for you and taking responsibility (e.g. things like how much dairy, how many carbs) rather than a rigid dogma. Like most big changes it takes time to embed.

I've been adopting a Paleo mindset and lifestyle for the last year or so. I've experienced some really positive benefits (no more yeast infections, better energy levels, better skin), but weight loss wasn't really happening till I made the connection with how many carbs I was eating, and also allowing myself to eat a lot more fat. The Swedish LCHF diet puts a lot more emphasis on eating fat, and since I heard about it I've been making sure I have a substantial fat intake (combined with carbs under 20g). What I'm eating not only tastes great, it's satisfying and I'm starting to see changes in my body shape. I feel like someone just handed me the keys to good health. is offline   Reply With Quote