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Default Getting old sucks, but the alternative is not acceptable...

Several things...

Try a progesterone cream (from the health food store, not a synthetic) to balance your hormones naturally. Most often (according to what I've read over the years), it's not that we lack estrogen--our estrogene and progesterone are out of balance. We see a lot of estrogen prescriptions because synthetic estrogen has been patented and someone makes money from it. I used progesterone cream throughout pre-menopause and never had hot-flashes or other side effects of menopause.

Don't just blindly count calories, make sure that they are not empty calories--processed foods, sugar, etc. Some low-calorie stuff is horrible for your health.

As we age, a lot of us become insulin resistant. Make sure that you're either seeing a doctor periodically or tracking your blood sugar. If you don't want to go to the doctor, you can buy an A1c test at Wal-Mart. Personally, I think it's easier to have the doctor do the A1c, but that's just me.

Watch out for foods that cause inflammation--such as wheat and other processed flours/products. Cut out all processed grain (cereal, bread, cake, etc) for a week or two and see if your joints hurt less. It is the difference between walking with a cane and walking 12-minute miles (without a cane) for me.

Track your food religiously and keep a journal so that you can see the relationship between food and how you feel. You'd probably be surprised. I was...things I used to be able to eat without any problem now cause indigestion and painful inflammation. I wouldn't have know what was causing problems if I hadn't been tracking food and energy/pain levels.

On breakfast...I'm with you, I HATE eating befor 10AM. I have a protein shake and a cup of coffee for breakfast (about 360 days a year). It works for me. Lately, I've been making chia pudding for breakfast. But, you have to plan ahead for that because it takes a few hours for the chia seeds to gel. Use chia seeds (from the health food store or online)...2 TBS, 1/2 cup of Silk unsweetened almond milk, a little Torani SF syrup or sweetener. Mix together, cover, and store in the fridge. I make 6 at a time--it gives me breakfast or an almost-sweet snack in seconds. Don't eat to many servings in one day, though, because chia seeds are very good at keeping you "regular."

Good luck!!

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