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Goals for this week....
1. Lots of water M: yes, T: yes, W: yes, Th: yes,
2. Exercise 2 times before work M: no, T: no, W: no, Th: no, F: no - Total flop on this goal this week
3. Exercise 2 times after work M: no, T: no, W: no, Th: no, and I already know that F is a No also - another failed goal for the week
4. Take Chloe for 1 walk (30 mins) M: no, T: no, W: no, Th: no, F: no
5. Planned foods during work & snack M: work yes but snack no, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Planning lunch with hubby,
6. Walk 9 miles on lunches M: 3miles, T: 2miles, W: 3miles, Th: 0miles,

Life Goals...
1. Be honest (even the white lies) M: yes, T: yes(didn't want to a few times but I did), W: Yes, Th: Yes,
2. Do something to the rest of the laundry daily M: yes, T: yes, W: Yes, Th: No,
3. Wipe down kitchen cabinets M: nope, T: No, W: no, Th: No,

How much more red marks can you fit in a week? I guess at least I drank water and walked. I must have done pretty good at watching what I ate.
Today was weigh in day here at work and I am down 1.2lbs since last Friday.
I hate this. When I started losing weight over two years ago I could drop 6-7 lbs in a week with little effort. Now some weeks it feels like all I do is work out & walk and drink tons of water and have a few unhealthy foods in there and I barely lose anything. It is so hard to get back into healthy living when the rewards are so small right now.

Sorry just feeling down on me for all the red this week. I do have a fun weekend coming up with just me and the hubby home after dinner tonight until Sunday for dinner. But hubby has to work Sunday so that will still be my cleaning day. Having the house to ourselves for two nights in a row hasn't happened in years probably. One night, yes, but not two nights in a row.
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