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Hi, folks! It's only Thursday but it has been a very stressful week so far, so sorry I haven't been as chatty as usual. Anyway, looks like we're all doing well with goals and, more importantly, still in there swinging. Keep going! We can do this!

April, you're tearing up the road with all that walking!

Hope, I'm so glad you enjoyed your cashew butter. You're absolutely right: if you want it, have it (in moderation). Savor it, let it make you smile and move on.

Donna, your week is looking good! You're poised for a big finish!

Mike, my son used to be a HUGH PB&J fan. I mean, he could easily down 3-4 in one sitting. He doesn't do that now, but when he was younger, I pretty much single-handedly kept the bakery department of our supermarket in business. As you said, PB&J actually has a lot going for it nutritionally, especially since you're using healthy-alternative ingredients.

Carolynn, hehe yep, when I choose to indulge, I go all out . No regrets. "Choose to indulge" is the key phrase there. Regarding the cashews, I knew peanuts weren't nuts but had no idea about cashews. I learn something new every day. Thanks!

Katie! Welcome aboard! I'm so glad you decided to join us! This is a great group. I see you're from Milwaukee -- ex-Oconomowoc here , so welcome, neighbor!

Thanks for sharing your poem, Jenn!

If I left anyone out, it wasn't intentional. As I said, it's been a rough week here, so I haven't had as much time as I normally might.

Goals for the week:
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes, yes (and goodness, it was a whopper...), yes
  • At least 1500ml water per day: 2500, 2500, 2500
  • At least 15g fiber per day: 21, 15 (14.8 but I'll take it as 15), 17
  • Maintain 7-day calorie rolling average under 1550: 1237, 1537, 1475
  • Maintain 7-day sodium rolling average under 1400mg: 815, 1177, 1100
  • No red entries on this report: Monday, Tuesday (but just barely), yes (whew!)
  • Study every day: yes, yes, yes

Hang in there, everyone -- we're almost at the weekend!
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