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Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
Goals for the week:

Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes, yes (and goodness, it was a whopper...)
At least 1500ml water per day: 2500, 2500
At least 15g fiber per day: 21, 15 (14.8 but I'll take it as 15)
Maintain 7-day calorie rolling average under 1550: 1237, 1537
Maintain 7-day sodium rolling average under 1400mg: 815, 1177
No red entries on this report: Monday, Tuesday (but just barely)
Study every day: yes, yes

My report for Tuesday isn't a diet report. It's a Damage Report. You see, there was a major collision between my lips and a whole mess 'o food. To the tune of 2600+ calories for the day ! Fortunately, I had insurance -- the past 7 days were safe (average = 1237), so the total impact of this one day gorgefest won't derail the entire train, as long as it's just one day (and it will be just one day).

Did I at least enjoy the gorgefest? Oh you betcha!!! It was DE-LISH-OUS! No guilt whatsoever. It was my choice, my decision, I'm quite content with it and am mentally prepared for the repercussions that may follow. I already saw a bigger scale number this morning; I assume it's sodium-related water retention, because I doubt fat can develop overnight.

So, will it be a totally blue week? Only time will tell.

I love that: damage report, not diet report and the "collision." Best of all? Lack of guilt!!! Yeah baby!!!
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