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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
[...] it actually feels great to not have to log AND still lose weight. Besides, all I had was apples and water. NOTHING else. It wouldn't matter if I had 1 apple or 500, the macros wouldn't change. So no pushups.
Well, I log every day and don't lose weight. Except for that 2.5 pounds of water weight dropped between Monday and Tuesday. (~ 2% of body weight.) Apples & PB&J doesn't sound like an especially balanced diet, but, Whatever.

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
It is so beautiful outside. Wearing a skirt today...
You are rocking it, April! I'm often wiped out if I've worked hard over the weekend. It takes a few days to recover. And ... It's beautiful here too, folks. Going out to enjoy the weather!

- Donna
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