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BTW I think one day I'm going to put myself on a PB&J sammich diet for a week. IMO it's the perfect food, you can get some good carbs from wheat bread and the PB. The PB is also loaded with healthy fats and protein, a sugar free Jelly (actually preserves, PB&P sounds funny) is a nice added touch. Four a day would put be at just over 1000 calories. I could eat six of this wonderful super-food and be around 1500 calories! This would still allow me to get 90g of protein a day, 72g of HIGH quality fat and 192g of carbs to get me through my workouts. It's a great source of Omega-6 and has more Omega-3 in 2tbsp of the PB than in 2.5 pounds of tuna. I found this out a long time ago. 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 3/7/11
Can we put out the marvelous health benefits of pizza? Please? I could do five slices a day, with veggies. Hey that would be five servings of veg right there... Protein from cheese... Fat shmat...I could do a whole wheat crust.... please?
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