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Hope - Unscrupulous developers....and politicians...grrrr. I still get upset thinking about something in the past. About 30 years ago, when Barbara Boxer (now US senator was my county supervisor), there was a development near us that a county engineer told me never should have been built in the first place. It was in the bay, on fill. The engineer said below the homes was like jello. The supes had allowed them to build with the proviso that they include a public park and some other amenities. They never put in the park and made the other upgrades to the area, but the supes allowed them to expand the development anyway. Money talks.
So true! What you relate is unfortunately too typical. Years ago, a group I was in stopped an irresponsible development and got an environmental group to purchase land and build a nature preserve and museum. One of the same unscrupulous developers that was behind that plan (and others which went bankrupt) is behind this one. They submitted a proposal for senior housing, which was approved, and now are trying to push through something totally different without having to be re-reviewed, claiming there will be no change of impact, which is so untrue since the new plan is three times bigger and would be a total drain on all this community's resources. They also promise to build schools, for example, at some date in the near (but we all know non existent) future. Grrrrrr. Thing is the protest group in my town has to be patient and persisitent, not my strong suits.
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