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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
1) plan food (except maybe Friday) - yes
2) stick to plan (except maybe Friday) -yes
3) 6 glasses of water -6
4) lower sugar (except maybe Friday unless I find a sf dessert) - yes
5) stretch -yes
6) move, even small amount -yes
7) practice Spanish -si
8) meditate - yes
9) don't give up -yes

Ezkiel English muffin with lf swiss
veg and black bean soup
small slice of sf bread
steak and broccoli stir fry
2 clementines
1/2 c blueberries

Monday, I did everything in small increments, then I went on errands for too long and could feel my back pain in my teeth. I went to a community meeting where I think my pain made me even angrier than I was over what was going on regarding dishonest practices of developers. I cancelled a visit with my friend/writing partner I planned for today because the long drive would cripple me. I am trying to listen to that little voice of reason I have and short of that, that loud cry of pain.

Who had the back pain recently? My heart- and back - go out out to you.

Wishing all well. I will stretch and take it all a little at a time. I resisted meds, even OTC ones, yesterday. I will use deep heat today. I am trying.
Great job so far. My back has been really good lately. I guess al this bike riding is helping.

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
you don't say someone's dress makes them look wide in the hips.
To be honest you'd have to say "it's not the dress... it's you" hahaha. Just Kidding.

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Mike: This is your week to drop into the 170s! There's no excuse for not logging those apples! If nothing else, you'll know what micro nutrients you're lacking, or if you're over on sodium (but not sugar ;-). I think you should do twenty extra pushups for every day in the past week that you didn't log. (Maybe not all at once.)

- Donna
Nah, it actually feels great to not have to log AND still lose weight. Besides, all I had was apples and water. NOTHING else. It wouldn't matter if I had 1 apple or 500, the macros wouldn't change. So no pushups.
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