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Epixi: I'm with you in the 'log everything' camp! That is the number one thing that worked for me. & I mean everything. Well, except water and mustard (calories negligible). I try to log within two hours of eating, but sometimes I don't get to it that quick. I just estimate things, but by now I estimate pretty well. I've been within an ounce whenever I weigh things to test my assumptions. I never tended to use big bowls/plates, but I do know that the bowls I use hold one cup.

Mike: This is your week to drop into the 170s! There's no excuse for not logging those apples! If nothing else, you'll know what micro nutrients you're lacking, or if you're over on sodium (but not sugar ;-). I think you should do twenty extra pushups for every day in the past week that you didn't log. (Maybe not all at once.)

April, I know how worn out you can get when cleaning up from renovation work. You had a well deserved day off, & even got in some laundry.

Amy: Doing fine on the calories. Sometimes it's good to take a day or two off from exercise. Helps your muscles recover.

Speaking of recover: Hope, wishing you a quick recovery. Almost time to get the party started!

Robin, Weren't you having back issues about a month ago? Perhaps also Mern, & maybe ... Cassie?

Back to work everyone, and ... lets see those push-ups, Mike!

- Donna

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