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Goals for this week....
1. Lots of water M: yes,
2. Exercise 2 times before work M: no, T: no,
3. Exercise 2 times after work M: no,
4. Take Chloe for 1 walk (30 mins) M: no,
5. Planned foods during work & snack M: work yes but snack no,
6. Walk 9 miles on lunches M: 3miles,

Life Goals...
1. Be honest (even the white lies) M: yes,
2. Do something to the rest of the laundry daily M: yes,
3. Wipe down kitchen cabinets M: nope,

I have to clarify my honesty goal. I am not talking about the lies like someone mentioned where you don't say someone's dress makes them look wide in the hips. I am talking about the little ones that don't matter but really do matter when they are discovered because they are to the one person in the world who you should never lie to. So no matter how trivial, always be honest.

Really wanted to work out last night but I was just too tired. Up late the night before and working all day plus walking three miles on lunch just wore me out. I did take laundry out of the dryer, put another load in the dryer and one more in the washer though. Folding is another story but my goal says do something with the laundry and I did.

Tori, Cassie & Mern ... Where are you girls???
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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a newdream. ... CS Lewis
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