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1) plan food (except maybe Friday) - yes
2) stick to plan (except maybe Friday) -yes
3) 6 glasses of water -6
4) lower sugar (except maybe Friday unless I find a sf dessert) - yes
5) stretch -yes
6) move, even small amount -yes
7) practice Spanish -si
8) meditate - yes
9) don't give up -yes

Ezkiel English muffin with lf swiss
veg and black bean soup
small slice of sf bread
steak and broccoli stir fry
2 clementines
1/2 c blueberries

Monday, I did everything in small increments, then I went on errands for too long and could feel my back pain in my teeth. I went to a community meeting where I think my pain made me even angrier than I was over what was going on regarding dishonest practices of developers. I cancelled a visit with my friend/writing partner I planned for today because the long drive would cripple me. I am trying to listen to that little voice of reason I have and short of that, that loud cry of pain.

Who had the back pain recently? My heart- and back - go out out to you.

Wishing all well. I will stretch and take it all a little at a time. I resisted meds, even OTC ones, yesterday. I will use deep heat today. I am trying.

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