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Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
Good morning, Hope! I'm wondering if folks are having problems logging in today. I know Fitday freaked out a bit for me this morning. I was logged in for my Food Log but as soon as I went to Forums, I wasn't. That resolved itself eventually, but later, as I was in the process of making a reply to you, it freaked out again. So, who knows -- they may all be there, champing at the bit to post and simply can't get through the gate.

Anyway, Hope, great goals for you again. I especially like Don't Give Up. Hope you're feeling better. Hey, there's a Positive Mental Image for you: Hope, you're feeling better .
I wondered about the log in too.

I love the mental image!!!

I may have to go write in bed... having trouble sitting in this chair... too painful...more later...
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