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Calories - Under 1700 - Sunday
Fruit & Veg - 3 or more - Sunday
Exercise - 30 mins a day - Sunday
Exercise - 10 sit-ups a day - Sunday
Exercise - 12 minutes on the Ab Circle Pro - Sunday
4 Glasses of Water - Sunday
No Fizzy Pop - Sunday

Bad weekend really, except calories and fizzy pop. I sat most of the 2 days, drank 10 cups of tea and 6 cups of coffee over the 2 days, ate 12 packets of crisps over the 2 days, ate no veg, did no exercise what so ever on Sunday.

New start today though, I have scrapped the no tea for a week until the caffene from the weekend has gone, I needed a cup of tea this morning and am on 2 today.

I just seemed quite depressed, hopefully all will get better.

Good luck this week everyone.
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