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Same here...welcome to the boards, and you will find a lot of support if you post in other threads. It was my impression as well that you were looking for someone with a shared experience and I don't know anyone who has had the surgery. However, I have a cousin who is beginning the counseling required for it, so I expect I will be learning a little as time goes by,

There are a lot of wise women and men on here with tons of good advice. I read all the threads just for the wisdom and the chuckles and the camaraderie, even if I'm not looking to lose X amount of pounds like that group. We would all welcome you to jump in and chime in...certainly WLS is not the only thing you would want to post about, I'm thinking, and you have much in common with many of us and would be very welcomed.

We've had some folks join us at the 5-15 pound group with a lot more to lose than that, but 5 or 10 is their next "mini goal," and that's great. Even if it's not a mini goal, I for one wouldn't object to having someone jump in and share whatever they have .

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