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Mike - fun's over. Get back on track!!!! Now!
Well, I'm rocking with my goals, but the weight's not falling off. I was 149 the other day, this morning I was 150. And I've been exercising too - both inside and out. Yesterday I trimmed trees with a hand saw for an hour plus. My arm isn't sore, but my hand is - who knew I had hand muscles!

This morning my local PBS station had some fundraiser show on with a doctor talking about relieving back pain. I only watched a few minutes...the doctor said that every pound of weight lost reduces pressure on the knees by 4 lbs (he didn't explain why, though), so you get a 400% return on your investment.

Robin - I so admire your dedication to getting your walking in.

Hope - I'm amazed that you did so much last week while being in pain. Continued virtual hugs for you...

epixi - I don't eat out much. I think I watched too many Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossibles with restaurants with filthy kitchens. And, often, it just seems like too much trouble to go out. I like to cook - so a lot of times when I think of what I'd get out versus what I could make at home, I'd just as soon stay home. I don't have too much trouble avoiding sugar & white flour at restaurants - more so when eating at someone else's house. Then I eat what's being served and don't mention a thing about my diet. If they're serving spaghetti, salad, and french bread, I'll have a moderate portion of spaghetti, a large portion of salad, and no bread. And, if someone has gone to the trouble of making a dessert, I'll have a small serving of it. I put it down as not meeting my goals, but I don't consider it a failure and feel bad about it. Being sociable is important!
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