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epixi - When my dad was trying to teach me to drive - a stickshift - back when I was 15 1/2 - he gave up. He sold his car and bought his first automatic transmission. So kudos to you for teaching your husband. I taught my kids to drive a stick shift too - but not until they had been driving for a year or two.

Robin - fantastic about those size 10 jeans! That must be very motivating - especially since you say your weight loss is slow even though youíre sticking to your goals. Same here - it makes me think that once I reach my final weight that I wonít be able to eat many more calories than Iím now eating.

Cassie - the teaching tennis sounds fun!

1. Calories under 1300: 1020, 978, 1042, 1029, 1050
2. An hour extra movement a day: Y, Y, N, Y,Y
3. No sugar, white flour: Y,Y,Y, Y, Y
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.- getting better at stretching snacks and meals out
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