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Default New here: Long Introduction.

Hi all! I found this site earlier this week. I really need some accountability!

My story:

I'm a 45 year old woman from Ohio. I have yo-yo'ed with my weight for about 20 years. On the high end since having my first child in '02.

I started working out again in '09 (I think) and have maintained a 4-6 day a week workout schedule. I have great muscles--they are just covered by loads of fat. My body has settled on a weight that is pretty doggone close to what it was when I started working out. I know "muscle weighs more than fat" but my body is so very happy with retaining that extra fat.

I tinkered with paleo/primal eating but I'm outnumbered in my house with people who really aren't on board with that. I'm finding that an over all reduction in calories with an emphasis on plenty of protein is working for me so far. I just needed a place to keep track of it all...then I found this site.

My goal? I want to be a super hero. I want to expose my muscles to the outer world. I have a Wonder Woman hidden underneath my dowdy exterior!

Good news is since joining this site I have lost 2 lbs!

Thanks for having me.
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