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I've dropped a couple of sizes, so I know what everyone means about buying new clothes (although I'm spending a fortune on new clothes!).

A week or two ago a girl at work commented that "my arms are the same size all the way down". I've always had to buy shirts bigger to fit my flabby arms and that's not a problem anymore! I just loved that she noticed.

And sometimes my boyfriend grabs my waist and tells me how little I'm getting. We were shopping over the weekend and I got a dress that's a bit too tight (call it my slutty dress at the moment!). But he just says "might as well get it, you'll lose a few pounds anyway and then it will fit perfect and won't have to stay your 'slutty dress'". He's the one person who knows how hard I'm working and it's great when he notices.

I like the milestones in my workouts too...I can lift heavier weights or pump out a few more reps. Those little things feel great too! Keep up the great work everyone and keep up the support.
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