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Amy - If I understand your last paragraph right, it sounds like youíre probably comfort eating. (I do that too as well as eat when bored.) Those are hard habits to break. When I want to eat and Iím not hungry, I try to do something like brush my teeth, go outside for a few minutes, run up and down the stairs, call someone Iíve been meaning to call....Iíve thought about posting a list in my kitchen - at the top would say ďDo you really want to enter this in your food log?Ē - followed by a list of alternative behaviors. Itís good you cut out the tea because of all the sugar. Maybe you could try something like mint tea (unsweetened) to replace it. Let us know how your ab circle pro works out.

Hope - glad youíre out of your slump. My gosh, youíve been busy!

April - Good job with the walking.

Donna - I drink mostly black tea too, mostly just regular old black tea, but also Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea for treats. One of my DILs gives me four Earl Grey teas each Xmas. There are a lot out there - she hasnít given a duplicate yet. Iím trying to drink more green tea. The caffeine in tea doesnít affect me like the caffeine in coffee. I donít feel an energy boost from tea like I do from coffee. One cup of coffee at 10 in the morning keeps me buzzing all day. I love coffee, but even with only one cup a day, I get a terrible caffeine withdrawal headache if I donít keep drinking it.

I don't think I could give tea up easily. My MIL had this "game" - if you had 5 magic food trees, and you had to eat only from these trees for the rest of your life, what would they be? The food on these trees give you all the nutrients you need and you never gain weight. So, for example, if you had a chocolate ice cream tree, you could eat all you wanted, not gain weight, and get fully nourished from it. Anyway, one of my 5 trees would be a tea tree, with half the tree providing hot tea and the other half iced tea. (My other 4 trees are pizza, salad, steak, and vegetable soup.)
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