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1. Water, lots of it M: yes, T: yes and then some!, W: Yep, Th: Yes,
2. Walk 10 miles this week M: 2miles, T: 0, W: 3miles , Th: 1mile,
3. Planned food except dinner (since I'm not the cook) M: yes, T: yes, W: Yes but dinner was BAD, Th: lunch out with hubby at Olive Garden,
4. Work out before work twice M: No, T: Yes, W: No, Th: Yes,
5. Work out after work twiceM: Yes, T: Yes, W: No, Th: walked Chloe,

Just a quick update because today will probably be a busy day at work but I promised myself not to miss a day.

Didn't work out last night but I did take the Chloe Beast for a half hour walk. I have to admit she is doing better. Maybe because we were alone and I didn't take Macie along. I was in a near sweat just in that approximate mile with her though and I can do three miles on lunch and not break a sweat so it was an effective mile.

Guess I better go for now. Rock on this weekend girls (and Mike!)
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