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Quick update on the Goals...
1. Water, lots of it M: yes, T: yes and then some!,
2. Walk 10 miles this week M: 2miles, T: 0, W: 3miles ,
3. Planned food except dinner (since I'm not the cook) M: yes, T: yes,
4. Work out before work twice M: No, T: Yes, W: No,
5. Work out after work twiceM: Yes, T: Yes,

Just a quick update. I went for my walk on lunch and I went 3, yep that's right ... THREE!! miles today. I normally am pushing it to do 2-1/2. But today I had it in me to go even further if time would have allowed. I had 5 minutes left in my hour long lunch and went a full three miles. Here is a pic of a portion of my walking route. It's hard to get a pic of how steep it really is but I turn around when I get clear to the topmost part of the road that you can see because it drops off the other side and keeps going away from work. Trees are still in winter mode but this route just gets prettier as the summer goes along.

Oh and thanks for all the advice on the learner's permit. I will have to call my agent and make sure. I don't want something to happen and us to not be covered.
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