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Meat really loads on the fat grams (which are not necessarily visible -all you can do is trim the meat and yet there are still lots of fat grams in the meat) but skinless boneless chicken breast is a good option if you just want protein. Egg contains fat as well, which is why people who watch calories gravitate to egg whites (Egg Beaters, for example, is made up of egg whites, mainly).

Vegetables will give you carbs, but they also give you fiber and good nutrition. If you are eating a lot of bread and grains, that inflates your carbs, too. And, unfortunately, fat may be contained in the bread, too, along with other things. High fiber crackers give you more fiber and less fat, usually with lots less calories.

If you've ever looked at your pie chart of carbs/fat/protein and seen them balanced pretty evenly, make a note of what you were eating that day from your food log and keep that as a guide.
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