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Originally Posted by michelle8447 View Post
I did Atkins a few years back.. you lose weight pretty quickly, but i gained most of the weight back after I stopped doing it.
Once you hit your target weight, and find your carbohydrate threshold; any carbs you consume beyond that point will put on the pounds.

I'll repeat this for the slow readers:
You don't 'stop' Atkins.
Atkins is a lifetime diet.
You will eat like this until you die.

A trainer friend told me that the "carb" in my body are bounded by water molecules, so the quick weight loss was kind of from a bunch of water weight.
Uhm, there's a reason it's called a carbo -hydrate.

One molecule of glucose will bind to eight molecules of H2O, those eight molecules of water are released/recycled when the glucose is stored as glycogen & lipids in your adipose tissue (body fat) cells.
When your body needs energy, the liver draws on the glycogen in your cells first (because it is metabolically 'cheap'), converts the glycogen back to glucose (with the eight molecules of water), which is then converted into ATP & pyruvate for the Krebs cycle.
The eight molecules of water are released for another round of the glycogen -> glucose -> pyruvate process.

That's why you are supposed to drink a minimum of 64oz of water/day as your liver draws down the glycogen to guard against de -hydration.
If you don't need that much water, no biggie. Your kidneys & bladder know how to take care of it.
Too much water is fine, too little water is bad news.
Anybody else had the same experience?
Everybody that switches from a carb-based metabolism to a lipid (fat) based metabolism has that experience. It's the nature of the beast.
Atkins just gets you into a lipid-based metabolism (arguably) faster than most, so it's more noticeable.
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