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I'm struggling to get the water in, today, folks. Didn't get my first sip until 4. You see, if I know I'm not going to be near a decent bathroom, I try to avoid water-loading (TMI? Maybe ). Ladies, you know public ladies' rooms can be a bit... dicey... and today was one of those days when public was all that was going to be available. I'll go parched, thank you. Anyway, with such a late start, I'll do good to get in the 1500ml. I have 1000 in already, so it's possible.

On a more pleasant note, I said I was going to get that soup started tonight and, indeed, I did! It's cooling now so I can portion it out for the freezer. I'm not sure how it turned out -- I used a few different ingredients. I sampled a bit (and yes, I will be logging those nibbles and tastes ), but it was a bit too hot and new to be able to really get a feel for it. Crossed fingers it's good.

See you tomorrow!
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