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Hi all. I’m late to the party this week. Was super busy with work yesterday. Popped in and read for a while. Then I couldn’t log in. Anyway, I ended last week with going 300 over on my calories on Sunday (a late-night pretzel & cheese encounter), so am trying harder this week.

LiquidLizard - ***I'm going to grocery shop after work today and get some decent food back in the house. Lack of healthy options at work and home was a big issue for me last week.*** That’s really key, isn’t it. I’m as happy munching on celery or kale chips as potato chips -- but they have to be right there in front of me.

Epi - good going on the weight loss.

Tori - Hi there! Who is WHN? White hunky numbskull? Wealthy macho nut?Wide-eyed massive nerd?

Kali - I love to munch on celery. It’s not so much that I like it, but I think, at least for me, chewing helps to satisfy hunger. I don’t think I’d do well on a liquid diet.

April - wow - you did a lot of walking last week.

Jenn - hope you’ll be feeling better soon. I don’t know what the problem is with your neck, but have you tried wearing a neck brace (the kind you can buy at the drug store)? I once suffered with a sore neck for 3 weeks. Finally went to the doctor. He told me to wear one of those braces at night. Two days later I was fine. The dr said during the day healing occurs because we conciously limit movement; at night, we re-injure ourselves.

Mern - glad you’re sounding so energetic and chipper. And a 3 lb loss - wonderful!

Sorry I didn’t respond to everyone - have to go now...

1. Calories under 1300: 1020
2. An hour extra movement a day: Y, Y,
3. No sugar, white flour: Y,
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.- still not a habit - sometimes I start a meal doing this, and then by the end am shoveling it in - not because I’m hungry - just because I’m eating mindlessly
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